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ToxicUgandaMC 1.16.3 v1

This update was pretty quick as there was only 2 fixed bugs related to baby piglin dupe exploit and a fix to new nether mobs pathfinding issue.


  • /docs command added in game
  • Fixed an issue related to the servers core throwing errors (even though there was no noticable side effects in the server itself.)
  • Server moved back from Java 8 to Java 11
  • Added 1.16.3 to the client stats (when in tab or showing your nameplate, it will show that you connected to 1.16.3 instead of unknown
  • ToxicUgandaMC versions will now be based on the server jar version its on and the revision of the server its on
Tags: ToxicUgandaMC Server Update 1.16.3v1