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Essentials is essential commands that are popular for almost every server you hop on to.



Teleport to the server spawn point.

Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp.

Give you access to your ender chest.
/<sethome|esethome|createhome|ecreatehome> [name]

Set your home to your current location.
/<delhome|edelhome|remhome|eremhome|rmhome|ermhome> [name]

Removes your home.
/<home|ehome|homes|ehomes> [name]

Teleport to your home.
/<tpa|tpask> [player]

Request to teleport to the specified player.
/<tptoggle|etptoggle> [player]

Blocks/Unblocks all forms of teleportation.
/<tpahere|etpahere> [player]

Request a specified player to teleport to you.

Accepts a teleport request.

Reject a teleport request.
/<tpacancel|etpacancel> [player]

Cancel all outstanding teleport requests. Specify [player] to cancel requests with them.
/<balance|bal|ebal|ebalance|money|emoney> [player]

Ignore or unignore other players.
/<ignore|eignore|unignore|eunignore|delignore|edelignore|remignore|eremignore|rmignore|ermignore> [player]

Ignore or unignore other players.