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Cocaine - Give yourself a boost like never before! Plant a Coca Plant and harvest its Coca leaves, then proceed to use a crafting table to obtain Cocaine! Right click when Cocaine is in your hand to Snort it and to gain its effects!

Heroin - Experience strength like a beast! Place Opium poppies to farm their Opium poppy seed pods (Right click the Opium poppy to harvest it, this can only be done at regular time intervals!), burning these in a furnace will give you Opium! Place 9 of these in a crafting table to obtain Morphine! Similary to the previous step, obtain Heroin by crafting it with Morphine! Right click when Heroin is in your hand to Snort it and to gain its effects!

Weed - Undergo the realistic effects which are brought about with smoking Weed! Place a Marijuana plant, and obtain weed by right clicking on it! Weed can only be harvested at regular time intervals! Craft a blunt using weed and paper! Blunts can be lit by right clicking them with flint and steel on your cursor, whilst your inventory is open! Have the lit blunt in your hand, then right click to smoke it!

Methamphetamine - Prepare for a very nauseating experience with this drug! Plant an ephedra plant, wait for it to grow, and obtain Ephedrine, one of the ingredients needed to make Meth. Hydrochloric acid (This can be thrown on entites/Players by hitting them with it!(Acid Attack!))is also needed, obtaining it will involve needing a water bucket and 4 blaze powders in a crafting table. Iodine, you will receive from 3 dried kelp. Phosphorus can be obtained by crafting a water purifier, simply place a cauldron with a hopper above it, with the cauldron filled, right click it to get the Phosphorus!

Psilocybin Mushrooms - Also known as 'Shrooms', will definitely add some sauce into your game play. Right click to consume these bad boys, and they'll give you a time like you've never had. Obtaining these is relatively easy, just farm normal Brown Mushrooms, no biggie! and then pop them into a crafting table along with blaze powder and sugar, the recipe is shapeless so there's no specific shape, and viola, your Shrooms are ready!

Syringes - Meth, heroin and Cocaine can all be inserted into a Syringe. Firstly craft the syringe using glass and sticks. Then proceed to click on the drug you wish to put in, and hover over the syringe with your inventory open, and left click on it to insert the drug. To take it out, right click the filled syringe. You can stab other Players or entities simply by hitting them with the syringe, the effects of the drugs in the syringe will be transferred to them.


White dye = cocaine, Brown dye = Coca leaf Cocaine

Pink dye = opium, lime dye = Opium poppy seed pods Opium

Pink dye = opium, light gray dye = Morphine

light gray dye = morphine, gray dye = Heroin

green dye = marijuana, stick = blunt Mari

No special items needed. Hydrochloric Acid

No special items needed. Iodine

Right click the cauldron to obtain phosphorus. Phosphorus

water bucket is HCl, red dye is phosphorus, purple dye is iodine, blue dye is Ephedrine = Meth

Golden hoe = Syringe

Shrooms crafting

Product is safrole, ingredient is Sassafras bark, which is obtained from breaking sassafras tree wood.

Product is methylamine chloride, no special ingredients needed.

Product is Ecstacy, sunflower is Safrole, gunpowder is Mercury (Obtained from mining stone at y <= 10) and glass bottle is methylamine chloride. iron is regular iron ingot.

Product is lysergic acid, ingredient is morning glory plant seeds. (obtained from harvesting morning glory plant).

Product is chloroform, glass bottle is methylamine chloride, rest of ingredients are vanilla.

Product is ethanol, all ingredients are vanilla.

Product is LSD, ingredients are chloroform(paper), lysergic acid, and ethanol.