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mcMMO allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP!


Acrobatics is a skill focused around moving gracefully, reducing fall damage and avoiding attacks.

Experience Gain:

Experience in Acrobatics is gained by taking fall damage, successfully rolling on the ground, or successfully dodging attacks.
120XP per half heart of damage is gained when taking fall damage. Assuming no damage is being reduced, it can also be calculated as (b-3)*120 where b is the amount of blocks fallen before taking damage. Any reduction of damage by use of hay bales, potions, enchantments etc. will reduce the amount of experience gained. If a roll or graceful roll as been executed, you will gain 80XP per half heart of damage instead of 120XP. This calculation uses the damage that would have been taken if you had not rolled. Feather falling will double the amount of XP you earn from falling, regardless of its enchantment level. Keep in mind that feather falling will also reduce the amount of base damage dealt when you fall.
Dodging an attack will give 120XP per half heart of damage dodged. So if you dodged an attack that would have dealt you 3 damage, it would give you 360XP.

  • Roll - Rolling is an active sub-skill with a passive component. It provides a chance to negate fall damage based on the player's Acrobatics skill level. At level 50, the player has a 50% chance to negate damage, or 100% if Graceful Roll is activated. The chance for success is scaled against the Acrobatics skill level in a linear curve. Every level increases the chance to roll successfully by 1%. Therefore, it will always trigger at level 100. A normal roll can be transformed into a Graceful Roll by sneaking while falling. Doing so will double the odds to roll and the amount of damage prevented.
  • Dodge (Unlocks at Level 2) - Dodge will give you a chance of reducing incoming damage by half. For instance, if you are receiving 6 damage, you will only receive 3 damage when successfully dodging. You will never dodge an attack if the incoming damage would be lethal, this check is done before dodge reduces incoming damage. Dodge also has a cooldown before it will award XP if the player recently respawned from a death.


Alchemy is a skill focused around crafting potions and adding additional ingredience to an existing potion

Experience Gain:

Experience in Alchemy is gained by successfully crafting potions and by adding additional ingredients to existing potions and is used to speed up potion brewing and allow extra ingredients in potions.

  • Catalysis - Speeds up potion brewing.
  • Concoctions - Allows for more ingredients.


Archery is a skill focused around dealing damage to mobs and players using a bow and arrows.

Experience Gain:

Experience is gained by dealing damage with a bow and arrows based on how far they are from their target.

  • Skill Shot - As a player continues to increase their skills in Archery, their arrows hit their mark more often and with greater force. Skill Shot is the player's ability to deal increased damage to enemies with their bow and arrows. Gaining additional levels in Archery increases the chance to hit and the damage of the Skill Shot passive ability.
  • Daze - With a well placed shot, even the most steadfast opponent will falter. Daze is an effect that can trigger on some of the player's shots, causing their enemy to feel nauseated. Gaining additional levels in Archery increases the chance to daze their opponent. This effect does not work on mobs.
  • Retrieve - Even the most skilled Archer is nothing without their arrows. Retrieve is an archer's ability to shoot without breaking their arrows. Gaining additional levels in Archery increases their chance to recover the arrows that they fired.


With the Axes skill you can use your axe for much more then just deforesting! You can hack and chop away at mobs with the effect of knockback and inflicting DEADLY criticals on mobs and players. Your Axe also becomes a hand-held woodchipper, breaking down the enemy's armor with ease as your level increases.

Experience Gain

Experience is gained by dealing damage to mobs, entities and players.

  • Skull Splitter - While holding an Axe, the 'use' action (right-click by default) will activate the Super Ability Skull Splitter! Skull Splitter adds an Area of Effect (AoE) to attacks with axes, dealing damage to nearby enemies whenever a target is hit. While using Skull Splitter, less damage is dealt to the primary target and an AoE effect is added to all attacks for the duration. This makes it great for crowds of enemies, but less effective when fighting one target! The ability lasts for a duration based on the Axes skill level.
  • Axe Mastery - By using Axes frequently, the base damage dealt with them is increased. The Axe Mastery passive ability increases the base damage dealt with axes as the Axes skill raises.
  • Critical Strikes - Critical Hit doubles the amount of damage dealt to mobs, and increases the damage by 1.5x versus players when using axes. The critical hit chance increases with the Axes skill level.
  • Armor Impact - By using the cleaving force of axes, players have a chance to inflict bonus damage to the durability of their enemy's armor! Armor Impact strikes increase the durability damage dealt based on the Axes skill level.
  • Greater Impact - While attacking with an axe, players have a chance to knock back their enemies with a powerful blow! Greater Impact strikes increase the base damage dealt to enemies and knocks the enemy back with explosive force. These strikes gain no benefit from additional levels in Axes.


Excavation is the act of digging and is required to be done with a shovel of some kind.

  • Wooden
  • Stone/Cobblestone
  • Iron
  • Diamond

As the skill levels up, you get a higher chance of receiving treasures from what you dig.

Experience Gain:

You level up by digging materials that are mined with a shovel. If you really want a high level in Excavation, you can increase by breaking:

  • Clay Block
  • Dirt
  • Grass
  • Mycelium
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Soul Sand
  • Snow

Another good way is to stock up on shovels and make a trapped snowman. This will allow you to dig the snow underneath it which is constantly refreshed. As the snow is fast to break, it will wear out your tools very quickly, but it will also help you to level very quickly in the comfort of your own home without having to worry about finding stuff to excavate. Keep an iron block nearby and use an iron shovel to clear the snow. When you are running low on durability, just repair the shovel and keep on digging. This method trains up Excavation and Repair at the same time.



You can also use Giga Drill Breaker in bursts to speed up digging, at the expense of extra durability wear on your shovel. To counteract this, use diamond shovels. Often when you are past level 350, you'll get at least 1 diamond from a single Giga Drill Breaker, allowing you to repair the shovel whenever durability starts to drop.


The fishing skill allows you to fish faster and catch more unique treasures while fishing.

  • Ice Fishing (Requires Level 5) - Allows you to fish in icy biomes.
  • Shake (Requires Level 15) - Shake items off of mobs or players with your fishing pole. On mobs this will damage them for 1/4 of their total health.
  • Treasure Hunter (Requires Level 10) - Treasure Hunter allows you find unique treasures while fishing. It is paired with Magic Hunter to also give enchanted items. Each treasure is organized into one of six categories:
    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Record (Music Discs)
  • Master Angler (Requires Level 15) - Improves your chance of getting a bite while fishing.
  • Fisherman's Diet (Requires Level 20) - Improves the hunger restored from eating fish.
  • Magic Hunter (Requires Level 20) - Find enchanted items while fishing.


The Herbalism skill offers extra drops and automatic crop planning, saving time and effort. It also has some interesting sub-skills, such as being able to add moss to cobblestone and stone bricks.

Experience Gain:

Experience is gained by breaking blocks that are considered crops. For blocks that have several stages of growth before they can be properly harvested, those only give experience when they are fully ripe (not including pumpkin/melon stalks)

    • Underwater Crops:
      • Kelp: 3
      • Tube Coral: 80
      • Tube Coral (Fan): 80
      • Brain Coral: 90
      • Brain Coral (Fan): 90
      • Bubble Coral: 75
      • Bubble Coral (Fan): 75
      • Fire Coral: 120
      • Fire Coral (Fan): 120
      • Horn Coral: 175
      • Horn Coral (Fan): 175
      • All types of dead coral (blocks or fans): 10
      • Seagrass (includes tall variants): 10


    • Flowers:
      • Allium: 300
      • Azure Bluet: 150
      • Wither rose: 500
      • Blue Orchid: 150
      • Lilac: 50
      • Orange Tulip: 150
      • Oxeye Daisy: 150
      • Peony: 50
      • Pink Tulip: 150
      • Poppy: 100
      • Red Tulip: 150
      • Rose Bush: 50
      • Sunflower: 50
      • Lily Pad: 100
      • White Tulip: 150
      • Dandelion: 100
      • Cornflower: 150
      • Lily of the valley: 150


    • Normal Crops:
      • Beetroots (Ripe): 50
      • Potatoes (Ripe): 50
      • Nether Wart (Ripe): 50
      • Carrots (Ripe): 50
      • Chorus Flower (Ripe): 25
      • Cocoa Beans (Ripe): 30
      • Wheat (Ripe): 50
      • Melon Blocks: 20
      • Pumpkin Blocks: 20


    • Vertical Crops:
      • Sugar Cane: 30
      • Cactus: 30
      • Vine: 10
      • Bamboo: 10
      • Chorus Flower (Ripe): 25
      • Chorus Stalk: 1


  • Environmental Crops:
    • Grass: 10
    • Tall Grass: 50
    • Fern: 10
    • Large Fern: 50
    • Red Mushroom: 150
    • Brown Mushroom: 150
    • Dead Bush: 30
    • Sweet Berry Bush: 300
  • Green Terra - Is activated by right-clicking on anything (except dirt) with a hoe and then harvesting crops with it. It provides triple drops and crops will be automatically replanted at a very high growth level until the ability wears off. Seeds are no longer used for this replanting. Alternatively, right-clicking on anything except dirt with a hoe and then clicking on stonebrick, dirt, or cobble while having wheat seeds in the inventory will use the seeds to instantly convert the target blocks into mossy stonebrick, grass, or mossy cobble while the ability is active.
  • Green Thumb (Blocks) - Provides the chance to apply moss to dirt, cobblestone or stone bricks by right-clicking on it with wheat seeds, which will be consumed in the process. The chance for a successful convert increases with the player's Herbalism level.
  • Shroom Thumb - Provides the chance to turn dirt into mycelium by clicking on it with a mushroom. The player must have both red and brown mushrooms in their inventory, which will be consumed in the process. The chance for a successful convert increases with the player's Herbalism level.
  • Green Thumb (Crops) - Provides a chance to automatically replant crops upon harvesting them. The chance increases with the player's Herbalism level. When using a hoe, this does not use seed crops.
  • Double Drops - Increases harvesting precision, granting double drops upon harvesting crops. The chance increases with the player's Herbalism level.
  • Farmer's Diet - Increases the amount of hunger restored by grown food (bread, carrots, potatoes, cookies, melons, mushroom soup and carrots) as the player's Herbalism level increases. The bonus hunger restoration is determined by your herbalism rank.
  • Hylian Luck - Gives a small chance of finding rare items upon breaking specific materials with a sword. Dead bushes may yield melon seeds, pumpkin seeds and cocoa beans. Flowers may yield carrots, potatoes and apples. Smashing a naturally generated flower pot may yield an emerald, diamond or gold nugget. The chance for a drop increases with the player's Herbalism level.


Mining is a skill centred around breaking blocks with a pickaxe.

Experience Gain:

Experience in Mining is gained by breaking naturally generated blocks with a pickaxe, and exploding ore via Blast Mining. These blocks include but are not limited to ore, stone, and even Purpur bricks found in End cities. The experience gained is based on what natural blocks you break, via either a pickaxe or TNT which you've exploded through Blast Mining. Each block has its own experience value, and can be changed within the configuration files.

  • Super Breaker - The Super Breaker ability is activated by right clicking on any block that would normally yield experience and then left clicking on one of said blocks. Doing either on a block that is not a default mining experience giver (such as cobblestone or dirt) will not trigger the ability, and will not ready the ability. When activated, Super Breaker will apply an additive +V rank Efficiency enchantment to your currently held pickaxe and give you a chance at triple drops. E.g., if your pickaxe currently has Efficiency V, activating Super Breaker will give you Efficiency X for the duration of the ability.
  • Blast Mining - Blast Mining allows you to use TNT to mine ore, without a risk of losing any of the ore. There's a few catches, though - it has a 60 second cooldown, and the TNT cannot be lit normally. To activate Blast Mining and simultaneously trigger the TNT, you need to move out of the 'block selection' range and then shift right click with the crosshair pointed at the TNT you placed. This will instantly trigger an explosion, rather than causing it to flash. The benefits of using Blast Mining are a chance at triple drops, and guaranteed silk-touched ore. As you rank up your Blast Mining, you can also reduce the debris that drop (such as cobble) to almost nothing, as well as increase the blast radius of the explosion through the Bigger Bombs passive sub-skill. There's also a damage reduction from TNT explosions, via the Demolitions Expertise passive sub-skill.
  • Double Drops - The Double Drops passive sub-skill provides a chance for naturally generated blocks you break with your pickaxe to turn into two blocks. To maximise this sub-skill's effect, it is advised to silk-touch ore that would normally turn into items (e.g., coal or diamonds) and then place them down and mine them with fortune. Please do note that this sub-skill's doubling effect only happens upon the initial mining of the ore; you will not receive double the ore again after it has been placed by a player.
  • Bigger Bombs - Unlocking Bigger Bombs extends the radius of your Blast Mining explosions.
  • Demolitions Expertise - IDemolitions Expertise reduces the damage you take from TNT explosions.


Repair allows you to use an iron block to repair armor and tools.

Experience Gain:

Experience in Repair is gained by repairing armor and tools that lose durability over time.

  • Arcane Forging (Requires Level 10) - Arcane Forging allows you to repair items with a certain change of maintainging its enchantments. The enchantments may be kept at their existing levels, downgraded to a lower level or list entirely. How efficient this skill is depends on your rank/level.
  • Repair Mastery (Requires Level 20) - Repair Mastery increases the repair amount. The extra amount repaired is influenced by your Repair skill level.
  • Super Repair (Requires Level 20) - Super Repair is a passive ability. When repairing an item it grants players a change to repair with double effectiveness. The likelyhood of this happening starts at 40% at level 40 and it increases by 1% every 10 levels to 100% at level 100.


This skill awards players who tame animals.

Experience Gain:

XP is gained based on taming animals (ex. Wolves)

  • Beast Lore
    • Will print out information about (inspect) a wolf or ocelot when 'left click' is used while holding a bone.
    • You can not hit a wolf or ocelot while holding a bone at all. (Why would you want to)
  • Call of the Wild (CoTW)
    • Summon an Animal to your side.
      • Dog/Wolf
      • Cat/Ocelot
      • Horse
  • Gore
    • Critical chance that applies Rupture (Rupture via Swords)
  • Environmentally Aware
  • Fast Food Service
    • Chance for wolves/dogs to heal when they attack.
  • Pummel
    • Wolves / Dogs have a chance of knocking back foes.
  • Thick Fur
    • DMG Reduction, Fire Resistance.
  • HolyHound / Holy Hound
    • Heals when 'hurt' by magic and/or poison.
  • ShockProof / Shock Proof
    • Immune / Resistance to explosion damage.
  • SharpenedClaws / Sharpened Claws
    • Generic DMG Boost.


Unarmed is a combat skill that will give players various combat bonuses when using their fists as a weapon.

Experience Gain:

Experience in Unarmed is achieved bases on how much damage you do to a mob or player when unarmed.

  • Berserk - While having nothing equipped, the 'use' action (right-click by default) will activate your Berserk ability. Berserk makes your unarmed hits do 50% more damage and increases your mining speed on weak blocks. The ability lasts for a duration based on the Unarmed skill level.
  • Iron Arm Style - Iron Arm Style adds extra damage to your normal hits while using your Fist. The base damage for Iron Arm Style is +4 DMG and grows larger the more levels a player gains.
  • Arrow Deflect - Arrow deflect has a chance to deflect arrows shot at you. The passive ability allows arrows shot by mobs and players to harmlessly fall to the ground.
  • Disarm - Disarm is a passive ability that allows a player to force a player to drop the item currently equipped.
  • Iron Grip - Iron Grip is a passive ability that counters Disarm. Iron Grip prevents you from being disarmed and increases as your disarm increases.


Woodcutting is a skill centered around harvesting trees (and mushroom trees) with an axe.

Experience Gain:

Experience is gained by harvesting logs, stripped logs, wood blocks, mushroom blocks, and mushroom stems.

  • Tree Feller - Activate the Tree Feller ability by right clicking on any non-log block while holding an axe. Right clicking on a log will strip the log. When activated, breaking a log block will automatically break all blocks related to that tree in the vicinity, up to a certain size. Higher levels provide larger harvestable tree sizes, as well as more storable charges of the Tree Feller ability (Default is 1, with 2 at Rank 3 and 3 at Rank 4). Tree Feller does not give full XP for each block cut down, instead giving diminishing returns on XP for each block removed.
  • Harvest Lumber - Harvest Lumber gives a chance of harvesting an additional log, which by default starts at a 1% chance at level 1 (10 for retro) and increases by 1% every 1 (10) level(s) to a cap of 100% at max level.
  • Splinter - Unknown ability description
  • Bark Surgeon - Unknown ability description
  • Nature's Bounty - Unknown ability description
  • Leaf Blower - Unknown ability description



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